Xcel Gymnastics Team

Competitive Gymnastics at our facility is by invitation or evaluation only

Stonecrest Gymnastics is proud to offer a competitive Xcel Program for female gymnasts in town. USA Gymnastics states that the Xcel program is a broad-based, affordable competitive gymnastics experience outside of the traditional Jr. Olympic program to attract and retain a diverse group of athletes.

Because competitions for these athletes are held much closer and registrations costs for memberships through USAG and competitive meets, Stonecrest Gymnastics is able to offer a much more affordable version of competitive gymnastics through the creation of an Xcel program. This program is geared towards getting girls that are involved in other extra-curricular activities, outside of gymnastics, an opportunity to enjoy competitive gymnastics without the fear of spending countless hours at practice, and vast amounts of financial responsibilities. This program will also provide freedom for the athletes to be more expressive through their gymnastics by allowing them and their coaches to create individual routines based on their strengths and weaknesses. As opposed to the Jr. Olympic program which requires all athletes of the same level to compete the exact same routine.

Team Levels

The following levels are offered at our facility for Our Xcel Program:


comparison to USAG Levels 1 & 2​


comparison to USAG Levels 3 & 4​


comparison to USAG Levels 5 & 6


The following levels have set scores needed to qualify into this level per athlete:


compared to USAG Levels 7-8


compared to USAG Levels 9-10

If athletes successfully complete to final 2 levels of the Xcel program, Platinum and Diamond, they will then have the opportunity to transfer onto our Jr. Olympic competitive team and continue competing at the optional level, 7 – 10.

Interested In Competing?